You are looking for a home that's likely to sell quickly when you someday put it on the market? Think carefully.

"The time to think about selling your home is the day you buy a home," advises Elizabeth Weintraub on While some factors affecting your home's future value are beyond your control, others are predictable. Consider the following suggestions: 

  • Find an in-demand location. Ask your Realtor about neighborhoods slated to retain their appeal.
  • Don't buy too big. Younger buyers want reasonably sized homes, and older buyers are downsizing. "The middle point between fantasy and reality is 1,500 to 2,000 square feet," advises Yuqing Pan on
  • Seek more than two bedrooms and more than one bathroom. Those parameters define the difference between a family home and one built for a single occupant.
  • Buy a single-level home. With the aging of America comes a greater need for easy-to-access space.
  • Look for a gathering space. That could be a family room or basement, but it should be comfortable, informal, and somewhat spacious.
  • Prioritize storage space. Rooms with small, dated closets appeal less to buyers than those with walk-ins. Also favorable: two- or three-spot garages.
  • Seek an open floor plan. Most homeowners prefer light, open spaces to separate rooms.
  • Go for modern amenities. At a minimum, your home should have central air and heat and modern-day kitchen appliances and bath fixtures.
  • Choose a traditional design. It's likely to appeal to a broader range of buyers.