If you're able to work from home at least sometimes, you're part of a growing trend. Studies show the number of Americans able to work at home (but not self-employed) has grown 173% since 2005, with 4.7 million now spending at least half their working hours at home.

As people spend more time in home offices, different décor trends evolve.

What to expect?

  • Cool-toned or white-on-white color palettes aimed at helping the worker concentrate
  • A neutral palette that features wood accents or a focal point in the home office area
  • Province-style décor offers an aged look through plaster, bricks, distressed wood flooring, or rustic-looking décor items.
  • Floating desks and shelves that attach to walls for added spaciousness
  • Plenty of windows, preferably displaying views of nature
  • Strategic use of vertical space via built-in shelving and storage
  • Decorative use of personal items that generate good vibes and productivity
  • Ergonomic, smart chairs that support your entire body as you work
  • Clever storage that conceals gadgetry, wires, and plugs between uses
  • Comfortable but professional seating areas for clients